Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lucia's Pizzeria on Roosevelt

Pizza and pizzerias. Shoot, who doesn't love them. There's at least two pizzerias in the downtown Flushing area. And not too long ago (less than a year ago), there was a third, which got shut down for violations of some sort, located where Oh My Chicken is now--not replaced by anything the better.

Of the two remaining,
Lucia's Pizza takes my vote all the way. Quick, hot and tasty, this place specializes in basic, thin crust cheese slices. At two and some change, it's not that bad. They have a few stools for seating, but it's not a big place, so you might just take it to go. Or have it delivered. Located at 136-55 Roosevelt Ave ('tween Main and Union). 718-445-1313

The other pizzeria, Barone's Pizzeria, is located on the east-side of Main St, near where the LIRR crosses overhead (40-27 Main St). There stuff never really impressed me, so I won't go into further detail.

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