Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Not My Chicken

The first restaurant on the list that I will review is Oh My Chicken, located at the S.W. corner of Union and Roosevelt. This Korean-style chicken restaurant is relatively new, only about two months old. Formerly, it was one of only two pizzerias on Roosevelt Ave. between Main and Union streets. One day, I noticed that the pizzeria was closed with a sign on the front citing health code violations. Before too long, however, the old, run-down store front was renovated into a very snazzy-looking establishment.

My anticipation grew as the place began to take shape and I could hardly wait when they revealed their sign. Finally! A Korean-style fried chicken spot in downtown Flushing. How fantastic, I thought. Maybe it's not a Kyochon or a Bon Chon, but hey, it's still Korean fried chicken. For those of you who've been living under a rock for the last year and change, there is already plenty of stuff written about Korean style fried chicken to catch you up to speed (e.g. this NY Times article). But basically, it's just a scrumb-did-li-umptious-ly prepared batch of chicken served up best with cold beer and good company.

Being a huge fan of this increasingly popular dish, you can imagine my excitement. Finally, the Oh My Chicken opened and I made my way in. My first impression was good with its jazzed up, orange decor. It wasn't busy at all, just one other table of people. But my initial excitement began to fade, little by little, until the place finally had three strikes against it. The first strike, one that I definitely could let slide, was that there was a small water leak from the ceiling dripping next to us. The waiter quickly moved us to another table when we pointed it out, but this possibly lead to strike two: he completely messed up on our order. Instead of draft beer, he brought bottled. Instead of the medium dish of spicy, he brought a small batch of sweet bbq, (and the table across from us seemed to have wound up with our dish). When we pointed out the error, the waiter walked off without letting us know what he intended to do about it. After flagging down a different waiter, we were told they would bring out the correct dish. By this time we're already losing patience. The third and final strike came when the correct dish was finally brought out and it was just barely room temperature! That was enough. We got up and left without paying. Absolutely unacceptable! It's just such a shame, because I really was looking forward to there being a K-style chicken restaurant in that part of Flushing.

Unless this restaurant comes under new management, I predict it won't make it very long. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Flushing: 136-88 Roosevelt Ave.

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