Monday, October 6, 2008

Kyochon Chicken

I've been wanting to blog about KyoChon Chicken for a while now, but just haven't gotten around to it until now (and coincidentally, it was featured in this weeks Village Voice). KyoChon Chicken is my favorite Korean-style chicken shack in Flushing. I mean, there might be comparably good chicken at any of the many competitors' spots but KyoChon honestly takes the cake. Not only does it have great chicken, but also has great beers on tap, combined with great beer specials. Well, they only really have two great beers: Blue Moon and Samuel Adams (the Coors Light doesn't count).

I talked about Korean-style chicken a while back, but it was in a negative review of the now not-so-recently-opened
Oh My Chicken, which I can't believe is still around (kicking and screaming). Read the original scathing review/critique here. Oh My Chicken has tried just about everything to get customers from changing the signs out front and on their windows seriously about five times to handing out samples of their unsavory chicken out front to passers-by (like the free Chinese food samples at mall cafeterias).

Atmosphere: A

Beer: A+
Cost: C+ ($15-20 person)

KyoChon Chicken 156-50 Northern Blvd
About a 10 minute bus ride from the 7 train -- well worth it!
Behind the Washington Mutual (aka JP Morgan/Chase *wink) Flushing, NY

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Patrick said...

Have you tried kyodong on northern too? I've had their chicken and it is amazing. Only thing is that you have to call in to order otherwise you wait forever!

Ready Go said...

to be totally honest I haven't tried Kyodong yet, but probably will eventually. I just can't resist the 50% off Sam Adams and Blue Moon beer specials at KyoChon. Walking by Kyodong one time I noticed that they only carry Coors Light (and it wasn't even as affordable as the higher quality beers at KyoChon). But I will try it one of these days because I have heard that their chicken is incredible. Thanks for the tip!