Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Korean Input

I know this isn't related to Flushing directly, but over on Kangmi's blog about learning the Korean language, I came across this pretty cool little javascript website, developed by Wonsok Chae, that converts your keyboard input into Korean characters (i.e. hangul 한글).

Pretty helpful if your using a computer that doesn't have Korean input installed (e.g. certain public libraries, work). It's different than other "virtual keyboards" where you have to use your mouse to click on the Korean letters that you want (like this one that I've used in the past). Instead, you type just as if you were typing onto a Korean keyboard -- you just have to remember where everything is.

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lambneck said...

dood! did you get the "zero" dollar bill? thats right near where u work thought maybe you came across it: