Friday, August 29, 2008

Mom's Cooking at My Mom's Take-Out

Running around w/out a lot of time on my hands, I opted to hit the Korean bunshik, My Mom's Take Out, located at 158 and Northern. Bunshik, if you'll recall (here) are simple, diner-like establishments, that serve the Korean staples (think dumplings, kimbap, bibimbap, kimchi stew, etc) quickly and cheaply. In other words, bunshik get the job done.

Unfortunately, bunshik in Flushing, and perhaps for that matter in the States, tend to be rather more expensive than their Korean counterparts. Not to mention, in Korea there's not tipping!

This quaint, little restaurant doesn't get as busy as some of other bunshik down on Union St, at least not at the times that I've been. Instead, we were the only people there. We ordered Spicy Pork Slice Over Rice, jaeyukdopbap aka jaeyukbokkum 제육덥밥, ($8.99) and Spicy Squid Over Rice, ojingodopbap aka ojingobokkum 오징어덮밥, ($8.99).

The squid dish seemed to be right on point. Spicy, rich, large portions and flavorful. The pork dish, however, which is probably my favorite dish to order at bunshik, wasn't quite up to par. The meat didn't seem as fresh I would have liked. And for those prices, and tip, I was a bit dissatisfied.

Like many bunshik, water, napkins, etc is self-serve.

Anyway, I would not recommend this place. Not because the food isn't that good, but becasue for the price you could do much better elsewhere.

Service: A- (b/c English might be somehwhat of an issue)
Food: C+
Price: D (more than what bunshik should cost)
Location: D (15 blocks from the 7 train; 10 minute bus ride)
Name of Restaurant: A+
Signage: A+ (I love this restaurants signage: the dukpoki character on the left and the kimbap on the right!)


My Mom's Take-Out
158-09 Northern Blvd.
Flushing, NY 11354

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