Monday, June 9, 2008

New Favorite

주객천하, or Ju Gaek Beer & Soju Restaurant, is a new spot that has become a favorite of ours. It literally means Drinking Customer's Heaven and Hell, which refers to the restaurant's evening alter-ego. It's located to the right on Northern after Parsons going East, (just past my favorite bagel spot in Flushing). It's a restaurant by day and a Korean style drinking establishment by night (after 8 pm the menu changes to typical dishes that compliment Soju and beer).

The day menu is pretty much your average Korean bunshik, most efficiently explained as Korea's version of the diner: quick, inexpensive staples that are filling and scrumptious. And the best part of this place is the prices are actually bunshik-like! It's about time there was an affordable little spot like this. There are several other bunshik in Flushing, most notably on Union St. 'tween Main St. and 34th Ave, but none of them are priced right, and to be honest, none stack up in terms of atmosphere, service, and most importantly taste.

Ju Gaek Restaurant is located in the same spot where another Korean restaurant used to be, but one that wasn't worth mentioning (way over-priced). Although, I've yet to try the evening version, so far I would recommend the day's restaurant for sure.


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