Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Ever wonder what all those signs in different languages were advertising and what those smells were, wafting through the air from various restaurants? Wonder which restuarants to eat at and which to avoid? What about what to order, especially if a restaurant's entire menu is not in English? Well, discover it all along with me through my own trials and errors as I learn my way around this seemingly mysterious neighborhood: Flushing.

It's NYC's fastest developing neighborhood outside of Manhattan, located in the most diverse county in the United States (Queens). What else can I say? It's got so much going on, so much happening, and it's incredibly dynamic. But here's the catch: there's not a whole lot of people writing about it. At least not in the areas that I'm fascinated with (food, restaurants, architecture, happenings, and so on). Or, maybe there is but just not in English. So, here's my well-rounded attempt at putting some meat on the plate for Flushing...

Expect to see restaurant reviews, meal prices, and architectural commentary on what I eat and see around me in this dynamic neighborhood. And just because I live in Flushing doesn't mean I won't include neighboring Corona, Jackson Heights, Whitestone, College Point, and sometimes even the likes of Woodside, Sunnyside, and those other neighborhoods closer towards Manhattan--although, there's already much more about them on the web, anyway.

So stay tuned for more and be sure to take note of Flushing: Something Fresh.

-Ready Go

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