Sunday, August 31, 2008

Green Thai Curry @ Green Papaya in Flushing

Green Papaya very well could be the only Thai restaurant in Flushing, at least in downtown Flushing. It's located amidst a massive quantity of restaurants on Prince St, between Canton Gourmet & another Vietnamese spot.

I believe Green Papaya is run by Sino-Malaysians, and as such, there are Malaysian dishes along with the Thai ones on the menu. Of the former, the shrimp fried rice in a pineapple is quite fantastic.

But I prefer the Thai curries, the spicier the better, and the spiciest is the green curry. I ordered the small, $6.00, and a side of brown rice $1.25. It was fantastic. I usually go with the chicken curry & rice combo, which is under $6.00, but it's yellow curry and just doesn't have the heat!

They also have the Thai beer, Singah, which I tried for the first time. And like the super friendly, and helpful waiter explained, it tastes remarkably similar to Tsing Tao (the other beer that I'm growing more and more found of as of late!).

Highly recommended in order to get your Thai fix!

Service: A+ (friendly, knowledgable waiter)
Decor: B- (small and a bit crowded)
Taste: A
Price: B+ ($6.00 - $15.00 / person)
Location: A+ (one block to the 7 train)

Here's a link to the Green Papaya website (note: menu is not complete).

Green Papaya Thai Cuisine
3804 Prince St
Flushing, NY 11354
(718) 353-1888

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