Friday, October 10, 2008


Bagels. You know they're good. You can't live in NYC and not love bagels. It's just a given. With so many dope spots around, it's hard to know which is the best. Flushing's clearly no different.

I mentioned at least twice before that my spot is Hot Bagel, located on Northern Blvd. I knocked on it once, though, because I wasn't a fan of the new ownership it went under back a couple of months ago. But I gotta be honest, I couldn't stay away. But the reason I didn't switch to a different spot is b/c they're the only ones that can give me my fix of whitefish. This is a delicious topping on a toasted everything-bagel. But it's not available just anywhere.

Whitefish salad (this isn't tunafish).

Anywho, as it turns out, Hot Bagel has exchanged hands more than just that once. Incredibly, it's changed ownership two more times since that first changeover! That's four different owners in less than six months! Something's gotta be up. Is the establishment haunted? I dunno but I like my whitefish bagels so I keep on coming back. The newest proprietor seems extremely slow moving in preparing orders, but she's nice enough. Plus, I'm not too worried, b/c at Hot Bagel's turnover, chances aren't high she won't be around very long.

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