Saturday, September 19, 2009

Red Hot Lunch Specials

I've written about Kyochon Chicken before, but I never touched on their lunch specials. Currently, they've got three awesome lunch specials available all for only $5.99 each, which includes a soda (with free refills). Super spicy, these meals will definitely open up your sinuses! Highly recommended for anyone who likes hot food. In descending order of spiciness, there's chicken bulgogi rice, chicken fried rice, and the least spicy, curry chicken.

The bulgogi rice, my personal favorite, is identical to jaeyukdopbap (spicy pork over rice), except instead of pork, obviously they use chicken. The chicken fried rice is more of a fusion dish, not particularly Korean, but pretty tasty nonetheless. While you wait for the food--it's cooked to order--try the fries as a tasty appetizer (small only $1.99).

Lunch Special: 11 am-4 pm

KyoChon Chicken 156-50 Northern Blvd
About a 10 minute bus ride from the 7 train -- well worth it!
Flushing, NY

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