Saturday, September 5, 2009

Crazy Assault on Roosevelt Ave.

his is a true story that happened sometime last summer. I'd been meaning to post it but kept forgetting.

So me and my lady are walking down Roosevelt Ave, on a warm evening, heading no where in particular. And somewhere along the way, around Red Mango and Game-Stop, I notice that the group of girls who are walking directly ahead of us suddenly start acting strangely. One of them steps back suddenly, wincing. She looks disoriented for a couple of seconds and then keeps on walking. We continued walking another few feet and I look behind me just in time to see another girl looking stunned. I am not sure what is happening. I just see the crowds of people who always clog up the sidewalks on that part of Roosevelt.

We pull over to the edge of the sidewalk out of the flow of traffic, to get a better view. I notice an old women pulling a medium-sized, black cart holding a toilet plunger. Does she something to do with this strange string of events? So we keep watching and sure enough, SMACK, the old women plunges another girl in the face with her toilet plunger!

I can't believe my eyes! And the funniest (craziest?) part is that the victims are too stunned to react or do anything, and just keep on walking!

I look around for hidden cameras, thinking maybe it's some kind of sick, practical joke for a TV show. But no cameras. It's just a crazy old women with a toilet plunger. SMACK! This time it's a girl walking by herself while talking on the cell phone. She's startled, looks around and then at the Crazy Grandma in disbelief, and after a brief pause of deliberation, just walks on.

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SinoSoul said...

haha! you're back! I can't wait til I hitup Flushing this weekend. It's gonna be MONSTROUS!