Sunday, April 5, 2009

City of New York Giving More Tickets?

Has anyone else noticed more ticket-giving lately? I mean, we all know that NYC meter maids are like mosquitoes in the amazon lurking in the shadows anxious to suck us dry. But more recently, I'm starting to wonder if it's getting out of hand. The City seems desperate for money in these "recessionary times."
Some people might argue that there's a limit to how much revenue the City can generate from traffic tickets, but how about other forms of ticketing? Two things lead me to believe that this is getting out of hand. One of them affected me directly.
1) For the first time ever, I saw a street vendor getting written up in Flushing! One evening a couple of weeks ago on the busy corner of Main and Roosevelt. It was kind of shocking. After all, it's Flushing not Manhattan. Everyone looks the other way around here. Downtown Main Street looks like a market in China--street vendors galore.
2) About a week ago in Woodside, I got a $68.00 ticket on my car for having "an improperly displayed plate." So, was it being displayed improperly, you ask? No. Did it have neon signs around it, or some other flickering lights or coverage? No. It simply had a license plate frame around it! You know, the kind that cars come with when you drive them off the dealership. I looked around at the cars on my block and just about every other one had a license plate frame, but alas no ticket.

Has anyone else noticed this kind of infuriating taxation? That's ridiculous.

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Rakhi S said...

Well now that you've brought in to my attention I beginning to think that maybe you are right. Everything you said makes a lot of sense. The ticket you got was unfair, you should try to fight it. All of us Queens Art Expresss wants to thank you for bringing that to our attention.

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Rakhi S.