Sunday, March 15, 2009

What Happened to 92.3 KROQ?

Anyone notice that 92.3 KROQ isn't playing rock anymore? Or rather that they're playing a lot of poppy shiite? I did some very quick google searches and nobody else seems to be talking about this. The official website says that the station has become "92.3 Now," top forty music --but-- perhaps more importantly, that you can still tune into original KROQ if you have HD radio or online, here (listening online would be my only option).

Doesn't seem like KROQ just came back on the air like a year or two ago? I was kinda excited when they came back; all the nostalgic grunge and alternative rock that I grew up with.

Oh and according to the KROQ website, Jane's Addiction, one of my favorite bands, will be touring this summer with NIN and putting out a new album produced by Trent Reznor. More here.

So no more KROQ on the air. Oh well. Asi es la vida.

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MasterOfMyDomain said...

The did a format flip this past Wednesday. They got rid of Opie & Anthony and are now trying to capture Z100's audience. Commercial radio is dead.