Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Flushing Update

Hope everyone has gotten out or will get out to cast their ballets today.

I know updates have been sporadic lately. The economy hasn't helped with new restaurant explorations and, in addition, I'm three days deep into a 21 day detox which pretty much eliminates all restaurant food. The detox program is somewhat cumbersome; it's the second time I've done it, but it's a nice thing to do every so often to clean out the body of all that crap that gets mindlessly consumed.

The basic premise of the detox is no added salt, sugar, meats, dairy, caffeine (except maybe green tea), or other artificial crap. Instead, I eat only whole grain, fruit, vegetables, seafood, fish, etc. It's not that bad as long as you can find creative ways to spice up recipes that are otherwise very plain.

Last night I made hummus and falafels. Hummus came our great, but my first attempt at falafels was a whole other story. Completely unedible!


TonyC said...

hm.. no more updates for '09? It's too bad you only have 8 Chinese restaurants listed.

I'm pretty darn sure (even tho it's been 4 yrs since I've lived there), there are still more Chinese than Korean restaurants in Flushing...

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Ready Go said...

Thanks for your comment and happy new year! I've been away but I'm back and plan on keeping the updates coming. I'll get to business with more Chinese restaurants ;P