Monday, September 15, 2008

Woori Duri Let Down & "Chinese Restaurant"

So the place formerly known as Jugaek, turns out to be just another expensive bunshik. In fact, it was so much so that I decided not to stay there. I'm talking about e.g. $7.99 for a bibimbap. Practically every item on the menu is at least a dollar or two more than it was when it was still Jugaek.

How could I stay when just up the road, there's a killer lunch deal: jajangmyeon (ie black noodles) for just $2.99 (from 11-3 pm)?! Shoot, I could get two bowls of jajangmyeon with enough for a coke on the side, for the price of one bibimbap at this new bunshik. And no need for me to remind you all about the current state of our economy--every bit of savings counts!

So indeed, I still have yet to try this new and pricey bunshik, but don't hold your breath on it . In the meantime, y'all should check out my decidedly favorite lunch spot: Golden Gate Chinese Restaurant 신금문도 (aka "Chinese Restaurant" according to the restaurant's outdoor signage)... located across the street from KFC on Northern Blvd, just after the tiny Gulf gas station. They also have $1.99 pints of beer. This is a Korean style Chinese restaurant (much like Mani 1, or Sam Won Gak--click here for a cool review w/ good pics over at The Girl Who Ate Everything).

No telling how long this special will last so hit it up!

Price=A++ (their lunch special might be the best deal in the five boroughs!!)

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152-12 Northern Blvd. Flushing, NY 11354

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