Sunday, September 21, 2008

Singas Pizza and Frozen Yogurt

Yogurt. It's like bell bottoms. Or neon colored sneakers. It just keeps coming back into style every so often. And right now, it's really, really in style.

The latest brands of this new yogurt craze predominantly came over from Korea. Apparently,
Red Mango was the O.G. and Pinkberry was the first to take it international when it opened up in Los Angeles. And now there's like fifty different branches all over the New York area. And on top of that there's about fifty different spin-offs (knock-offs?)...

Anyway, if you haven't tried the new wave frozen yogurt yet, it's probably for the best. Why? Because this stuff is highly addictive. Like nicotine? Well, maybe not, but at nearly $6.00 for a medium, it's not much cheaper than smoking. And let me tell you: I'm hooked to this buttery sweet, tart desert.

Most of these places only offer two flavors: vanilla and green tea. I've always stuck with vanilla because I was warned that the green tea flavor is too bitter (although, I am a fan of green tea ice-cream, so one of these days I'm sure I'll get around to giving it a shot).

Then it comes to the toppings. These are additional, of course. But my favorite topping is
mochi, sometimes called "sweet rice cake." It's like chewy, marshmallowy goodness. Alternatively, you can choose from about ten different fruits and cereals. But give mochi a try.

Which one should you go to: Red Mango, Pink Berry or one of the many clones? I personally prefer Red Mango, although someone told me that all these joints order their materials from the same supplier. Despite this incidental knowledge, I still would argue Red Mango a bit softer in texture, where as Pinkberry seems too frozen (as well as a bit too tangy).

But I wanted to share a Flushing alternative. And although it might not be that much cheaper, they offer up more generous portions. I'm talking about
Singas Famous Pizza, located near the Murray Hill LIRR station. Not only do they have tasty little pizzas, but they've jumped onto the yogurt bandwagon. And sure enough, you can't loose with their (comparatively) generous portions.

Singas Famous Pizza
149-01 41st Ave.

Red Mango (Flushing)
136-53 Roosevelt Ave.

Pinkberry (Flushing)
136-09 Roosevelt Ave.

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