Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chusok 2008 Pics (part 5) CELEBS!

Alrighty y'all, here are the long awaited pics of the celebs at NYC's Chusok 2008 at Flushing Meadows Corona Park:
Hot 97's Miss Info giving the introduction for Min.
Min (1)
Min (2)

J-Lim (1)
J-Lim (2)
Wonder Girls (1) --I was too far away for these
Wonder Girls (2)
JYP (aka Jin Young Park) (1)
JYP (2)

More Chusok 2008 Pics:
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jacqueline said...

wow..interesting blog...hehehe...thanks for ur comment..r u a korean?

Miss Info said...

Thank you so much for posting all this pics from the festival! Now I know all the stuff I missed, lol....Afterwards I ran over to the food area to try to get a kimchi hotdog but they were already packin up to go home : (

PS: I'm in Flushing all the time eating my way around town, so I'm looking forward to seeing what your recs are!
I usually just post/read chowhound for flushing recs