Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Authentic Asian Ramen

Queens, and Flushing in particular, has no shortage of distributors of high quality ramen noodles. Before you click away in shock at my mention of ramen noodles, please know that I've gone through my fair share of ramen-consumption back in my poor bachelor/college days. And no matter how many innovative ways of preparing them, eventually it all caught up with me, and I too, was thoroughly and undoubtedly, sick of ramen. Enter high quality Asian ramens. Now, these are the only hope for such a played out dish. These "authentic" ramens, unlike our no-frill five-for-a-dollar-specials, are actually rich, hearty and satisfying. I took pics of some of my faves. Shin Ramen, pretty much number one in Korea, was my favorite, and it is also the spiciest. That is, until I found out about Teumsae Ramen, which is WAY spicier! Teumsae translates into English as "crack," and although highly addictive like crack-rock, I think it translates in the sense that it'll crack your senses. Another ramen that I've been enjoying lately is called Su-ta Ramen, which is delicious and it's hype is that it contains no MSG. Funny thing, b/c ironically, more and more foods are being marketed w/out MSG in Asia--the motherland of MSG--where as over here--where people have been bitchin' about Chinese Restaurant syndrome--chefs and restaurants are finally starting to acknowledge this so-called fifth flavor, 'umami'! (For a good look at MSG in the West, read this).

Su-ta Ramen & close-up.

Teumsae Ramen.

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