Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yippie for Yipin

Flushing's Chinese community is expanding in all directions including into the Korean area, which in turn spreads ever Eastward toward Long Island. And so, Yipin, a new Chinese restaurant, is the first Chinese owned business that I've seen on Union St. (at least in the area near Roosevelt). It was reviewed in the awesome NY Times article that I talked about here. I've finally gotten around to trying it. Twice.
However, it wasn't the Sesame Seed Noodles that I was a huge fan of. It was the dumplings and buns! Truly awesome. And the prices are the best I've seen. Only a dollar-twenty-five a pop for the buns. Buns like that cost at least $1.75-3.00 at other places and they're never as delicious. The buns here are filled with various goodies (e.g. string beans and pork, noodles and pork) . A dozen delicious steamed dumplings (handmade?) cost a measly $4.50.
I think if I were accustomed to it, I probably would have liked the Sesame Seed Noodle dish. The noodles had great texture, but the seasoning was just a bit too unfamiliar for my palate. Perhaps if I try it a bit more.

Price: A+
Location: A+ (right next to the 7)
Service: B- (only b/c at times there's very little English depending on staff)
Taste: Spectacular

Located at 40-04 Union St. (corner of Roosevelt Ave.)

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