Saturday, August 9, 2008

Delectable Treats: Asian Bakeries

In Seoul, a friend once shared with me that the West was beginning to take notice of Asian treats and pastries, as they are innovative, light, pleasing to the eye, and of course, tasty. This week, the Village Voice has a cool article on the sweet topic of little Asian bakeries and in particular, those of Chinatown.

Not surprisingly, many of the Chinatown bakeries mentioned, and others very similar to them, have branches in Flushing. Getting excited? You should be. There is a perhaps surprisingly high concentration of bakeries in Flushing and there is so much exploring to be done, it's not even funny.

The Korean-owned Paris Baguette just opened up in the Southeast corner of Queens Crossing Mall and happens to be the first one in NYC. This is the premier chain of bakeries in South Korea. It should cause a ripple in the Korea style bakeries here, as Koryodang, the main chain around Flushing, has to face new competition. Not to mention, the Bakery De Paris (or as Koreans call it, De Paris), which opened up not too long ago either.

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